Tickets are all sold!

Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket in my raffle to win $1000 cash. It will be drawn this Tuesday at 3pm Adelaide time and the winner will be posted here and on theĀ Go Fundraise website.

$1000 profit went straight to the ‘Fundometer’.

Stay tuned for more fundraisers.




Do you have your ticket yet?

Hi Guys,

Over 2/3 of the tickets have sold. If you haven’t bought one yet, please let me know and you can hopefully win $1000.

If you wish to make a donation, please head to

I appreciate all your support.





Silly me put the wrong year for the draw date of the raffle.

(Not to mention spelling Tuesday wrong)

Be assured that the draw date is TUESDAY 11th December 2012

Sorry about that. All tickets are valid.

Over 1/3 have sold already so get in quick if you are yet to purchase one.

I appreciate all your support. (and your proof reading!)



Raffle Tickets

Raffle Tickets

Tickets printed, cut, sewn, stapled and ready for you to purchase.
A 1/100 chance of winning $1000 cash!
Tickets $20 each.

Most of you will see me around selling the tickets, but if you can’t buy one personally, then please email me and I’ll send you the details to buy online.

Draw date is 11th December. I will post the draw on this blog so you can all see it being drawn.

Thanks for your support.

A huge thank you to Sam at On the Spot Printing who printed the tickets for free in support of My trek forĀ  Cure.

On the Spot Printing logo

For all your printing needs.


Hi Guys

I have chosen to raise money for the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation and hope that you will help me help me either by donating here or by participating in future events and raffles.

My family has been touched by cancer and many of my friends have either dealt with it in some way or are dealing with it right now.

I will be doing a Trek in Peru next year which will test me physically and no doubt help me appreciate the healthy life that I have.

I have two beautiful kids that I want to set an example for and this whole challenge is the perfect way.

Be generous guys.


Chelsea, Alison and Ryan.

I want to be a good role model for my kids.